Using the Arts to Enhance Adult Home Care Services

Beginning when we are very young, the arts are a source of enrichment for our minds and spirits – and at Hillendale Home Care, we believe that should continue as we grow older!

That’s why our adult home care services are designed to incorporate the arts into our clients’ enrichment activities. Enriching our clients’ lives is a central part of what we do. Our California home care services are committed to providing more than just basic care. Hillendale’s services include daily activities based on a person’s interests, hobbies and physical ability with the goal being to bring fresh joy to every day. Incorporating the beauty that music and the arts provide are two excellent ways to accomplish this goal.

Incorporating the Arts into adult home care services not only provides emotional and spiritual enrichment, but can have a significant impact on seniors’ quality of life and even enhance their physical and mental capacities. Did you know that:

  • Drawing, watercolors and oil painting are great for mental stimulation and fine motor skills?
  • Nurses report that seniors have less anxiety and apathy after art museum visits?
  •  Music is valuable for pain reduction, coping with stress and in stimulating the immune system?
  • Music can relieve anxiety, agitation, depression and loneliness?
  • Art and music are particularly helpful for persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Art gives persons with Alzheimer’s an opportunity to express themselves and communicate even after some of their standard communications abilities have gone
  • Art therapy can help people with dementia regain some lost muscle function and coordination because it actively engages both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Music from their youth can trigger forgotten memories and trigger awakening responses. The effect is part memory activation, part stress relief and part cognitive activity.


A 2010 study by CoroHealth Music First found that agitation and depression dropped by up to 54% when seniors were regularly exposed to music. And that’s not surprising – music is a source of comfort and relaxation for all of us. The rehabilitative effects of music and the arts become particularly important in adult home care services.

Hillendale is a California home care company where enriching our clients’ daily lives and maximizing their independence are central parts of our mission. Our assisted living home care services are designed not only to support our clients’ physical needs, but enhance their daily living by incorporating their favorite music and exposing them to the arts on a regular basis. We are committed to providing an uplifting home care experience that allows our clients to get the most out of every day. Contact Hillendale today to learn more.