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Home Modifications for a Wheelchair-Friendly Home

Home is our sanctuary; it’s where we feel most comfortable, even during the more trying times in our lives. That’s why so many older adults are choosing to age in place in the comfort of home today. However, as people age, loss of mobility through injury, chronic illness, or general frailty can become an issue, and this issue is often solved through the use of a wheelchair. Read More...

Hillendale Home Care’s Anti-Tumble Tips for Senior Homes

senior fall preventionWe don’t often think of the rug in the living room or the cord for the lamp as a hazard, but for older adults with limited mobility, small things like these can cause potentially dangerous falls. More than 90 percent of hip fractures occur as a result of falls in the home, with most of these fractures occurring in persons over 70 years of age. Read more