Make Doctor Visits for Seniors Easier with One Simple Tip


Seniors who are reluctant to see the doctor may rethink that decision with this tip.

Let’s face it: many of us delay going to the doctor’s office. It could be somewhat uncomfortable, and downright distressing when something is wrong and we’re facing the prospect of an undesirable diagnosis. Even so, we all know it makes sense to do what is most beneficial for our health and wellness and in addition be conscientious about getting necessary medical care. Read more

Diabetes Care Tips: Be Aware of These Uncommon Symptoms

Diabetes is far more widespread in the United States than in the past, and providing care for a senior loved one impacted by diabetes symptoms is a daily event. While each individual’s experience with the disease is different, the following diabetes care tips highlight some uncommon symptoms that may arise with next to no warning. Read More...

How Seniors Can Safely Celebrate the Holidays During COVID-19

Think of the most perfect holiday season you are able to imagine. While that image will vary a little for each of us, it could include lights, gifts, good food, and traditions passed down through the generations. Yet what absolutely rings true for all of us is the joy in spending time with the ones we love. Read More...