Improving Parkinson’s Disease Management the Hillendale Home Care Way

Today, millions of Americans are living with multiple chronic diseases, and at Hillendale Home Care, our goal is to help our clients with chronic diseases live their best lives possible. As many as one million people in the U.S. alone are living with Parkinson’s disease, and for those individuals, it’s important to develop a solid disease management plan to help reduce symptoms and stay on track health wise. Read More...

Try These Tips When Talking with Seniors About Home Care

Home CareAs we shared in our last blog post, home care can be a viable option for many seniors who require some extra assistance with day-to-day living but prefer to remain at home rather than move to a nursing home. Although in-home care is preferred by seniors, it still can be a bit disconcerting at first to consider allowing a caregiver to come into their personal space.

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Looking to Avoid a Nursing Home for Your Senior Loved One? We’ve Got the Answer!

Avoid a Nursing Home for Your Senior Loved One - concord hospiceOne of the most frightening aspects of aging for many seniors is the thought that at some point, a move to a nursing home or other institutional living arrangement will be unavoidable. After building a lifetime of memories in a family home, including raising children, caring for grandchildren, perhaps losing a spouse, home is a place of unparalleled comfort and nostalgia for seniors.

Hillendale Home Care is pleased to offer a way to avoid a nursing home and keep senior loved ones in familiar surroundings: professional in-home care. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance’s recently updated stats, the vast majority of the elderly – as many as 80% – are remaining in private homes as they age. Below are four types of care that improve the safety and wellbeing of seniors right in the comfort of home:

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Hillendale Home Care Presents the Top 10 Alzheimer’s Warning Signs

There has been a lot about Alzheimer’s disease in the news for the past few years, and for good reason. The progressive, degenerative neurological disease for which there is presently no cure affects an estimated 35.6 million people worldwide. However, do you know what warning signs to look for in your loved one?  Memory loss that disrupts daily life – forgetting recently learned information or important dates Trouble in planning or solving problems – difficulty following familiar instructions, recipes, how to pay monthly bills, etc. Read More...

Benefits of Home Care

Hillendale Home Care Resources Benefits of Home Care Downloadable Tools and Tips: Click the links to view or right click to print or save to your computer. Home Care Checklist Understand the Models of Care: Make Appropriate Referrals Making the Decision to Stay at Home or Move Elsewhere   Read More...