Surprising New Information on Protein Needs of the Elderly

protein for seniorsA diet that includes a sufficient amount of protein is crucial at any age in order to maintain muscle mass and for its metabolism-boosting effect. For those under age 65, a low-protein, high-carb diet is linked to longevity, according to two new studies in the journal Cell Metabolism. They’ve also discovered, though, that the opposite is true for seniors.

Because our muscle mass decreases as we age, dietician Amy Goodson reports that, after 65, a higher protein intake along with exercising regularly helps slow the muscle loss. Additionally, because our bodies’ ability to process protein decreases as we age, we need more of it. A word of caution, however: because protein is processed through the liver and liver function decreases with age, be careful not to go overboard on the protein.

So, for people 65 and over, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) recommends that protein represent 20 to 30 percent of total caloric intake.

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