Sudden Weight Loss: Why We Convinced Mom to Rely on Home Care Services near San Ramon CA!

A Family Caregiver’s story worried about Mom’s sudden weight loss “

My brother and I happened to both (eventually) settle down not too far from our mother’s house.  I don’t believe that it was something deliberate or conscious, at least not in the sense that one-day we would be caring for her, but it worked out well for the entire family.  We were able to be close, to spend time together, and that was important, especially in the months and years after our father passed away.Home Care Services San Ramon CA

One day my brother called me up after a visit with mom and he asked me if I noticed anything different about her.  I couldn’t recall anything, and that’s when he told me he thought she was losing weight.  Our mother had never been overweight, so the simple notion was a bit out there for me.  Yet I listened and decided to pay a visit to her.  I found out that he was right; she was losing weight.  A lot of weight and we were both concerned.

I began to look up online potential reasons for this sudden weight loss and one thing that kept coming up was home care services.  I didn’t quite understand the connection so I kept clicking away, looking for some more information.  Our mother had to be sick; that was the only explanation for this sudden weight loss.

I found out a lot of possibilities, but she didn’t have any other symptoms.  I talked to my brother and he talked about possibly hiring an in home care service provider.  He said that it could be the fact that she doesn’t have anyone to eat with, or she might be having trouble making meals for herself.  I was skeptical, but my brother was usually well informed and insightful, so we sat down to talk to mom about this problem.

She didn’t admit to having any trouble at first.  That was always her way; she would deny that she needed help, even if she was lying on the floor with a broken leg.  Yet she finally managed to admit that she was frustrated with some things that she couldn’t do anymore.

We told her about home care services and she listened, but didn’t make a commitment to it one way or another.  After a few days, she called me up and said that she would agree to this to see how things went.  So far, it’s been five weeks and she looks better, is more active, and it’s almost like having a brand new women living in my mother’s skin.

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