Senior Care Moraga CA – Finding Fun Activities

Caregivers in Alamo, CAHobbies are an important activity for seniors, they strengthen the mind body connection and bring enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment to the elderly person.  Hobbies and other fun activities also encourage better physical health because they promote better mental health.

Research studies verify that spending leisure time as well as physical activity time promotes a higher level of health. Finding fun activities for seniors to do helps them to not spend as many hours watching TV which they do to ward of loneliness. Fun activities can change that.

Caregivers with senior care services can play an active role in helping your elderly loved one stay involved in hobbies and fun activities. These hobbies can be done right at home or within a class, group or club in the community. Scout around to find out what is available in your loved one’s area and make arrangements for your senior to attend those that appeal to her. Her caregiver can provide transportation and companionship to each of these activities.

Perhaps your elderly loved one started a hobby as a youth but never had the chance to pursue it. Now would be a perfect time! Or a favorite hobby went by the wayside while she was having children and raising her family. Now is the perfect time to take it up again! If you are having a difficult time in thinking of a hobby that appeals to her, look online or go into a local hobby shop and see what some of the options are.

Hobbies help a person relax and calm their mind. Leisure time usually involves some physical activity as well, and both are good for the body and the mind. Different hobbies could appeal to different seniors, and it may be a good idea to find more than one hobby for the senior to try out and see what she likes.

Hobbies have a social element as well. Many times you can find groups within the community that put on classes on a weekly basis for hobbyists to meet together and participate in the activity they love.

Fun activities help alleviate boredom and give the senior something to focus on and put some energy into. Loneliness and depression is less likely among seniors that keep themselves busy doing something and are interacting within the community.

Crafts that can be done at home with other family members are great ideas as well. Making a big batch of salt dough and then forming shapes and cooking them and painting them would be fun for kids of all ages and is a good way for the younger and older generations to spend fun time together.

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