Beat Senior Isolation: July 11th Is Cheer Up the Lonely Day

July 11th is a great opportunity to spread some happiness to someone facing senior isolation. It’s one of the best things that one human can do for another. It’s sad to think that some people have very few friends or loved ones. Maybe they have lost loved ones to death or moving away over the years. This is quite common with elderly people. They get very infrequent visitors and it makes for a very lonely life.

Try spending some time to cheer up those that are lonely. Family caregivers and senior care service workers often have the opportunity to cheer up the lonely.

The origins of this observance

  • Created by Francis Pesek who lived in Detroit, Michigan
  • He was a kind man with a heart of gold
  • He wanted to promote kindness to others who felt lonely or forgotten
  • He wanted to spread kindness and happiness to those people in nursing homes or with no relatives who would look after them or no friends who would visit them
  • July 11th was Francis Pesek’s birthday, that’s why he chose that date

Senior Care in San Ramon, CAHow to cheer up the lonely

  • Spend time with them
  • Be willing to listen to them
  • Play them some music while you hold their hand
  • Sing them a favorite song
  • Play a game together
  • Do some cooking together and then eat together
  • Spend time doing with them something they want to do
  • When you come, bring happy thoughts to talk about
  • Keep the conversation positive and upbeat

Most of the time, lonely elderly people mostly just want company. They want someone who will talk to them and engage in conversation with them. Someone who shows that they truly care and want to be there; if you can be that person, then you are definitely cheering up the lonely.

When you leave, give them a hug. Lonely people very seldom get the loving touch of another human. It is very reassuring to them and lets them know that they are important to someone. Let them know how much you enjoyed being with them and that will leave them feeling really good.

A person never knows when he might be facing senior isolation themselves. How much he may yearn some day for a kind soul to come and visit and stay a while. So remember on July 11th to cheer up the lonely; you will both be blessed by it.

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