Recognizing Depression in the Caregiver in Walnut Creek CA!

Do you know someone who is a caregiver for an elderly individual?  Is this person providing home care for a family member?  Or is he or she providing this level of care for a stranger as part of their job?  The responsibilities of a personal home care provider are great, and depending on the level of work and the amount of time that they put into providing home care for their patient or patients, it could be very stressful, and stress has the possibility of leading to depression.Caregiver Walnut Creek CA

It’s important that you look out for the potential of depression within the caregiver that you know.  Whether it’s someone who you’re paying to take care of and be a support for your mother or father, or it’s a loved one of yours.  There are generally signs that depression can be affecting them, even though they may claim to ‘be fine’, or that ‘everything’s good.’

What are some of these signs?

  • Change in mood.  If the person that you know –regardless of how well you know him or her- has a change in mood, then this could be an indication that they may be dealing with depression.  If they are usually warm and welcoming, with a smile to share, and seem as though they are overwhelmed, or upset about something, if the smile has faded, they could be silently battling depression.
  • Withdrawn.  When people become depressed, they tend to withdraw from some of the things that they used to do and enjoy.  They may spend more time alone, and avoid going out with family and friends.
  • They might talk about negative things more often.  When a person is depressed, they are feeling negative emotions, which means they are more likely to talk about negative things that are going on in the world or around them.  They may worry about the potential for bad things to happen more.
  • Quicker to anger.  A person who is depressed may lash out at people around him or her more quickly.  Their depression could be the result of ongoing and steady stress and they are overwhelmed.  When this happens, they could have outbursts and be quick to anger.

If you notice that someone who is a caregiver is exhibiting any of these signs, or symptoms of depression, and you know that’s not normal for their character.  It’s time to talk to them, and find a way to get them help, even if they don’t think they need it. Being a caregiver is not an easy job, and it has the potential to take toll on them.  Step up and help if you can.

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