Looking to Avoid a Nursing Home for Your Senior Loved One? We’ve Got the Answer!

Avoid a Nursing Home for Your Senior Loved One - concord hospiceOne of the most frightening aspects of aging for many seniors is the thought that at some point, a move to a nursing home or other institutional living arrangement will be unavoidable. After building a lifetime of memories in a family home, including raising children, caring for grandchildren, perhaps losing a spouse, home is a place of unparalleled comfort and nostalgia for seniors.

Hillendale Home Care is pleased to offer a way to avoid a nursing home and keep senior loved ones in familiar surroundings: professional in-home care. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance’s recently updated stats, the vast majority of the elderly – as many as 80% – are remaining in private homes as they age. Below are four types of care that improve the safety and wellbeing of seniors right in the comfort of home:

  • Private Duty Home Care: Private duty home care services include assistance like companionship, housekeeping, transportation, personal care, dementia care, respite care, and more. Private duty care services are usually paid for directly by the patient or his or her family. Some services may be covered by long-term care insurance, workers’ compensation, or armed services funding. It is important to note, however, that long-term private duty services are not covered by Medicare.
  • Home Health Care: Home health care is skilled nursing care that is usually required in the home for treatment of an illness or injury – wound care, injections, diabetes or blood pressure monitoring, and other treatments that require nursing skills. Home health care can also provide physical respiratory or speech therapy. Some home health services may be covered under Medicare, providing that specific conditions are met.
  • Geriatric Care Management: Geriatric care managers handle the details of an individual’s life or estate that fall outside the realm of direct care providers, such as financial and estate management. They can also coordinate care for an individual, mediate family communications, or assist with moving to another living arrangement or closing up of a household. Geriatric care management is traditionally an out-of-pocket expense.
  • Concord Hospice Care: Hospice care is a special type of in-home care, designed to provide comfort and support for patients who are nearing the end of a terminal illness. Hospice provides a range of services including nursing, mental health, and spiritual advising. Coverage for hospice care is typically offered by most private insurance providers and through Medicare.

Avoid a nursing home and help ease the minds of your loved ones by investigating further the option of Hillendale Home Care’s in-home senior care. We’ll begin with a free in-home assessment by an RN to determine the best plan of care for your senior loved one, and we’ll update and modify that plan of care regularly as needed. Serving Contra Costa County with the highest quality Concord hospice and home care, we invite you to call us any time at 925-933-8181 to learn more and to get started!