Living With Multiple Sclerosis – How Seniors with MS Can Stay Comfortable at Home

Living With Multiple Sclerosis In the words of Jane Austen, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” And for someone living with multiple sclerosis, comfort is imperative, as is safety. If your loved one has been diagnosed with MS, the first step in caregiving should be to make the necessary modifications so the home is a safe, comfortable sanctuary, and not a dangerous place.

Multiple sclerosis can cause getting around to be complicated, and because daily activities — including leisure activities — can cause fatigue more quickly in people with MS, creating particular changes to the home environment may help conserve energy and boost independence.

Some examples include:

  • Replace thick carpeting with smooth, nonslip flooring for easier mobility
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom
  • Reposition furniture to widen pathways throughout the residence
  • Include items in the shower or bathtub such as a handheld showerhead, a slip resistant bath mat and a bathtub seat
  • Consider a bed rail to help with changing sleeping positions
  • Replace knobs throughout the home with handles, which are easier to manage

Hillendale Home Care’s award-winning Danville caregivers can provide home alteration recommendations and assist in scheduling customizations to ensure your loved one’s home is a more convenient place for independence. To learn more about our home care services, call us at 925-933-8181 or contact us online. Our in-home care from professional caregivers can help individuals living with multiple sclerosis stay in the comfort of their home, with the necessary care to improve quality of life. To learn about all of the communities where we provide our award-winning care, please visit our Service Area page.