How Seniors Can Exercise at Home with Help from In-Home Caregivers

exercises for seniors at home - walnut creek senior in home careA body at rest remains at rest. If physical activity and exercise haven’t been an ongoing part of a senior’s daily routine, those ingrained habits must be overcome before everyday activity can become a part of that person’s life. With the help of a professional caregiver, like those at Hillendale Home Care, older adults can reap a number of benefits from getting exercises for seniors at home. Keep these tips in mind:

  • For a frail senior, simply getting up and down out of a chair unassisted strengthens muscles.
  • Begin by establishing individual goals, and addressing any concerns or roadblocks that may be impeding the ability to exercise.

With approval from the senior’s physician, even frail older adults should be capable of incorporating a daily exercise program to improve strength and endurance and enhance overall quality of life. The suggestions below can help:

  • Keep exercises to short, 10-minute sessions.
  • Set and stick to a schedule. It’s important to designate specific times each day for physical activity, making it a routine part of the person’s daily schedule.
  • Make sure the older adult wears comfortable clothes that won’t restrict movement.
  • Leg warmers or over-the-knee socks can also be worn to prevent soreness in lower leg muscles.
  • Remember that if any movement causes pain, cease the activity immediately.

Regular exercise is crucial for everyone regardless of age, and Hillendale Home Care of California can assist with increasing activity level with monitored exercises for seniors at home. With our encouragement and motivation, seniors truly look forward to these activities, and in no time, are achieving a healthier lifestyle. Contact us at 925-933-8181 to learn more about our Walnut Creek senior in home care and the surrounding communities we serve.