Home Care Services in Pleasant Hill, CA: History of Alzheimer’s disease

In home care providers have been helping families take care of the elderly loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. According to a recent poll, Americans fear getting Alzheimer’s more than they fear other life-threating disease such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke or even cancer. Of the Americans participating in the poll, they cited equal fears for developing Alzheimer’s themselves or having to care for a loved one with the disease.

This is an ancient disease, but not until 1910 was it identified and named. Symptoms belonging to this disease were noted anciently throughout the centuries. In Shakespeare’s own moving words, the afflictions of King Lear were very likely those of Alzheimer’s. The last years of life of Jonathan Swift, the eighteenth-century writer, were marred by what was probably Alzheimer’s dementia.

Home Care Services in Pleasant Hill, CAIt was a combination of the high-resolution microscope and the skill of a German physician – Alois Alzheimer – who brought to light an understanding of this illness for what it is. By the 1970s Alzheimer’s disease began to receive recognition as a leading health issue in this nation. With the growing aging population afflicted with this disease and their families affected by it, millions of people began to demand funding be directed toward research.

Cures and remedies, coping and strategies

To date, there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease, nor is there a specific directive on how to avoid developing it. Several different drugs are commonly used to try and delay the rate of progression; other drugs are used to treat the behaviors that are effects of this disease. In the psychology field, some therapies and techniques are used which help the anxious patient to be calmed, and give them a greater sense of confidence, comfort and safety.

The role of home care services

The family caregiver who tries to go on alone in looking after a loved one with Alzheimer’s is traveling a very difficult road. The elderly loved one needs so much care and supervision as the disease progresses that the caregiver will usually find she can hardly keep up. Burnout is a very real result.

Home care services provide a respite for the family caregiver. They have trained, experienced and compassionate caregivers who can come in several hours per week to watch over and take care of the loved one so that family members can spend time together and have a break from caregiving responsibilities.

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