Family of Senior Home Care Patient

The Hillendale Home Care Family Room is a feature that we provide our clients at no extra costl We believe that it is very important to provide family members with real-time transparency into the care of their loved ones. Access via the family portal allows for multiple family members to communicate with each other and stay informed through centralized communication. Family members around the country can access the portal at any time to check in on the well-being of their loved one. 

The portal also allows family members access to the care calendar to: 

  • Keep track of caregivers tasks and review notes from the prior shift 
  • Review scheduled shifts 
  • Review invoices and manage payment, even allowing to split a portion of an invoice between different family members 

This room is for family members only, meaning, family members are able to track what tasks have been completed and see the comments from the caregiver.

This portal is very beneficial for Social Workers, Hospice and Health Care providers if the family gives them access, because it gives them the ability to access a patient’s state of mental and physical condition, in real time, as reported by the caregiver. The Health Care professionals can log in and track the health and well-being of their patient more seamlessly than with past forms of tracking.