Senior Healthcare Provider Tips: Do You Need a Geriatrician?

You have located the perfect senior healthcare provider for your aging father, and now you are wondering if there are any other decisions that need to be made regarding his physical, mental or medical well-being. If you have been very pleased thus far with the service and advice given by his primary care physician, you probably have little to worry about.

There are age-appropriate medical tests that should be done on a routine basis to screen for problems, and make sure nothing gets missed or forgotten. As a person ages, there are new and mysterious symptoms that can arise. Having a doctor you know and trust is crucial.

Does your dad need specialists – perhaps a geriatrician – to meet his needs? They can often pick up on health clues that the average family doctor doesn’t deal with on a Elderly Care in Lafayette, CAregular basis. A geriatric doctor likely follows all the latest research available regarding aging. There is a scarcity of geriatricians in the United States right now, according to the American Geriatrics Society, so don’t be surprised if it’s difficult to locate one that’s available.

Here are some strategies to locate a geriatrician if necessary:

  • Check with a local medical school. You may be able to obtain a list of new graduates of geriatrics in your area.
  • Ask at your community hospital. Many hospitals have geriatrics programs, and could probably refer you to at least one doctor specializing in geriatrics.
  • Inquire at a hospital that has connections to a medical school; usually it is a subdivision of the internal medicine department that could answer your questions about a geriatrician.
  • Talk to your dad’s primary care physician. He or she may be keeping up with research in the field of aging and knows current methods for treating the elderly. If so, your doctor can probably refer you to a geriatrician or can continue treating your father.
  • Ask your HMO. Some are now including geriatrics practices into the services they offer.
  • Your local veterans’ health administration may be able to give you a referral located in your area.

Your dad’s health is of prime importance. His quality of life depends on good health, and having the right professionals looking after him could make all the difference.

Adequate health care is an important factor in a person’s total health care strategy. When symptoms are caught in the early stages through regular check-ups and screenings, there is a greater chance of maintaining good health for a longer period of time.

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