Elder Care in Lafayette, CA: Activities for Fun and Exercise

Providing elderly home care for the senior may include some activities that you do together. Part of elderly health care is keeping their minds and their bodies active. Having fun at the same time as exercising is a great way to help them keep their bodies active.

The amount of physical movement they can do depends on their condition; whether they are bound to a wheelchair or have more freedom of movement. Choose an activity appropriate for the elder you care for. Modify is necessary. The key is to have fun and keep moving.

Regular physical exercise for elders combats and delays diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Fun activities that encourage them to play along will give them the Elder Care in Lafayette, CAmovement and physical exercise they need.

Exercise and activity ideas for the elderly

  1. Technology inspired virtual sports. Some seniors that used to play football or badminton but no longer can play such sports in real life can truly enjoy the virtual game using a gaming device. They can get great benefits from the exercise at the same time as having fun.
  2. Dancing. Use live music if available; but if not, taped music works very well also. Choose music that the elderly can relate to – music from their era and generally big band music works well. Make sure the floor is clear and free from clutter before they begin to dance around. Music is good even for those who are wheelchair-bound. They can still enjoy it and move to it as much as possible.
  3. 3.     Chair dancing. Now this is dancing that everyone can enjoy. A seated aerobics instructor can lead the chair dancing, with everyone following along with the moves.
  4. 4.     Giant Chinese checkers. This is an over-sized version of the popular Chinese checkers game, made large enough to play on a table and allow for up to 6 participants.
  5. 5.     Walking. This is an exercise most people can do. Some seniors may need to walk slower than others and that is perfectly okay. Walking can improve blood circulation, improve mood, improve memory and generally make for a happier and healthier person.
  6. 6.     Balloon Games. There are lots of things you can do with balloons – play balloon volleyball or just see who can keep their balloon up the longest by tapping it. They will get more arm exercise than they realize!
  7. 7.     Yoga for Seniors. Yoga provides a gently yet excellent and effective way to stretch and stay in shape. Yoga routines geared toward seniors take into account the slightly less mobility they may have, while still encouraging flexing and stretching.
  8. 8.     Bowling. Now there’s a game almost everyone enjoys. And everyone can play too, even those in wheelchairs!
  9. 9.     Chair boxing. An extension of chair aerobics, chair boxing is one of those exercises that will appeal to the male population of your group. Sometimes the men don’t care for the dancing or yoga but they would certainly go for the boxing!

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