NEW Caregiver Onboarding Resources


The ClearCare e-Learning team is pleased to announce several new and updated resources to help make caregiver onboarding faster, more consistent, and more rewarding.


Caregiver Training Video Library

You now have access to the Caregiver Training Video Library, which consists of several video snippets you can easily send to caregivers. Just copy the link to a video and send it via ClearCare messaging.

The caregiver clicks the link for a quick visual tutorial of ClearCare tasks, such as logging in to the ClearCareGo mobile app or answering a COVID-19 questionnaire.



Caregiver Mobile App & Telephony Guide and Telephony Guide for Admins


We’ve updated and combined the caregiver Mobile App Tutorial and Telephony Tutorial, and created a Telephony Guide for Admins.


You can download these documents in the Resources section of the e-Learning System.

ClearCare e-Learning System Course: Caregiver Onboarding Resources

We’ve created a new online course that shows you how to access and distribute these caregiver onboarding resources.



1 – Log in to ClearCare and hover over the Need Help? button at the top right. Click Consult Our Community.

2 – Click on the e-Learning link in the top navigation.


3 – Locate the Caregiver Onboarding Resources course and click Start to learn more!


Thank you,

The ClearCare e-Learning Team