Is Urinary Incontinence Treatable? Find Trusted Answers to Top Incontinence Questions.

Incontinence is often an awkward issue for those who experience it. The preconception behind the condition frequently contributes to individuals having either a lack of facts or a belief in some common misconceptions about incontinence. For instance, is urinary incontinence treatable? Read More...

Family Caregiver Challenges: When Siblings Aren’t Helping

sibling discussing senior care for a loved one

One of many family caregiver challenges is difficult family dynamics.

If you’re managing all of the care for your aging parents solo while your siblings refrain from helping, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, as many as half of all family caregivers are taking care of an aging loved one on their own, according to a recent report from AARP. It’s one of the top family caregiver challenges being faced, and can be difficult to know how to resolve. Read more

Accessing Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits

Long-term care insurance benefits can provide exceptional peace of mind, but accessing the policy benefits can turn out to be a confusing experience for older adults and their loved ones. To help families navigate the process, Hillendale Home Care, the experts in home health care in Walnut Creek, provides the following tips. Read More...

High Tech Solutions Benefit Family Caregivers and Their Senior Loved Ones

Today’s seniors are inundated with an incredible quantity of high-tech products geared toward increasing their independence and safety, while offering life enhancement. With the touch of a button or two, we can immediately pay a visit “in person” with family and friends through video conferencing, wear a necklace that takes action with emergency help when needed, and even remain safe from getting lost with specialized receptors adhered to clothes or shoes. Read More...

How Do People Get Mesothelioma? 

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that develops after being exposed to a toxic substance called asbestos. Many people were unknowingly exposed to asbestos for the majority of the 20th century. It usually takes between 20 and 50 years for mesothelioma to develop after exposure, making the disease more common for seniors than younger age groups. Read More...

6 Crisis Resources to Help Seniors and Caregivers Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Recognizing the best place to turn with regard to the latest, most reliable info on COVID-19, particularly as it relates to the elderly and family caregivers who provide care assistance for them, is important – and can be difficult. Because of so many crisis resources and different opinions on this extraordinary subject, we wanted to help make it simpler to locate what you need by compiling the subsequent list of reliable resources. Read More...

How to Start a Conversation With a Parent About the Benefits of Home Care

Accepting the truth that an aging loved one requires help at home can be tough. Even harder is speaking about the need for care with the older adult and getting him or her to acknowledge that assistance is warranted. If you have noticed changes in a loved one and you’re sensing the need to begin a discussion about the benefits of home care as a choice to maintain safety and independence in the home, try these conversation starters to raise the subject in a subtle, non-confrontational way. Read More...

Dementia Care Experts Recommend Approaching Senior Bathing Care with a SMILE


Use the SMILE technique when approaching bathing care for seniors.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this: Most of your life has been devoted to taking care of and helping others – as a parent, during your career, through volunteering in your local community, and as a grandparent. After living independently and being in control of any decisions that impact your life, you now find yourself as the one who needs assistance with bathing and other daily care tasks. Imagine the vulnerability, sense of loss, and fear that may be experienced when suddenly day-to-day tasks are challenging to complete. Read more

Wheelchair Home Modifications for Elderly and Disabled Persons

home wheelchair modifications - home care assistance walnut creek

Learn tips for making home modifications for wheelchair access from one of the top-rated home care agencies serving Pleasanton and nearby areas.

Home is where the heart is, and it’s for that reason that so many people make the choice to remain at home through their golden years. But oftentimes wheelchairs become a part of life when individuals or those with certain disabilities lose mobility. This can be a unique challenge when it comes to making sure the home is a safe place. But a few wheelchair home modifications for elderly and disabled persons can greatly improve safety. Read more


How to Best Meet Nutritional Needs for Seniors

It is not a mystery that a nutritious diet is vital for good health. However many people don’t understand that an adult’s nutritional needs change with age. As such, the nutritional experts at Tufts University have designed MyPlate for Older Adults, which is an updated rendition of the former food pyramid, and which provides advice specifically for senior nutritional needs. Read More...