10 Ways Home Care Services Make Life Better for Seniors

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Learn ten benefits of home care services for seniors.

It’s an undeniable fact: the overwhelming majority of today’s older individuals would rather age at home instead of facing a move to a nursing home or assisted living facility. And with good rationale: home care services allow older adults to experience safety and stability, while retaining the comfort and familiarity of home and their neighborhood community. Read more


Dementia Care Experts Recommend Approaching Senior Bathing Care with a SMILE


Use the SMILE technique when approaching bathing care for seniors.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this: Most of your life has been devoted to taking care of and helping others – as a parent, during your career, through volunteering in your local community, and as a grandparent. After living independently and being in control of any decisions that impact your life, you now find yourself as the one who needs assistance with bathing and other daily care tasks. Imagine the vulnerability, sense of loss, and fear that may be experienced when suddenly day-to-day tasks are challenging to complete. Read more

Wheelchair Home Modifications for Elderly and Disabled Persons

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Learn tips for making home modifications for wheelchair access from one of the top-rated home care agencies serving Pleasanton and nearby areas.

Home is where the heart is, and it’s for that reason that so many people make the choice to remain at home through their golden years. But oftentimes wheelchairs become a part of life when individuals or those with certain disabilities lose mobility. This can be a unique challenge when it comes to making sure the home is a safe place. But a few wheelchair home modifications for elderly and disabled persons can greatly improve safety. Read more

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Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors

The holiday season offers the wonderful opportunity for families to spend some quality time with their older loved ones. And, it’s also the perfect time to ensure that your senior loved one’s holiday is just as safe as it is celebratory. Read More...
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Concord Home Care Experts Help Seniors Overcome Roadblocks to Exercise

Making exercise a regular part of life is a challenge for people of any age. We never seem to have enough time to fit in a workout. We’re tired from a long day of work. We’ll wake up early and exercise then. Read More...
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How Seniors Can Exercise at Home with Help from In-Home Caregivers

A body at rest remains at rest. If physical activity and exercise haven’t been an ongoing part of a senior’s daily routine, those ingrained habits must be overcome before everyday activity can become a part of that person’s life. With the help of a professional caregiver, like those at Hillendale Home Care, older adults can reap a number of benefits from getting exercises for seniors at home. Read More...

Home Safety Devices that Help Prevent Falls in the Home

California senior careFalls among the elderly can have devastating effects, many times resulting in a chain reaction of health complications. In our last blog, we noted some home modifications that families can make in order to make the home safer for older loved ones. In addition to those home modifications, there are a number of products on the market that can help with preventing falls at home, including: Read more

Hillendale Home Care’s Anti-Tumble Tips for Senior Homes

senior fall preventionWe don’t often think of the rug in the living room or the cord for the lamp as a hazard, but for older adults with limited mobility, small things like these can cause potentially dangerous falls. More than 90 percent of hip fractures occur as a result of falls in the home, with most of these fractures occurring in persons over 70 years of age. Read more

Elderly Care Alamo CA – Reducing Fall Risks

The statistics for falls experienced by seniors age 65 and over are alarming. Falling is a major concern for this age group and in fact one in every 3 adults in this category falls each year, resulting in injuries which are classified moderate to severe. Read More...

Pancakes in the Park for Fall Prevention – Pleasant Hill CA

Hillendale Home Care will be sponsoring Pancakes in the Park for Fall Prevention on September 8, 2013.  Join us for a delicious pancake breakfast and help Meals on Wheels supply walkers, wheel chairs, grab bars and other safety equipment to those who need assistance getting around. Read More...