Making Plans to be a Long-Distance Caregiver in Pleasant Hill, CA

Coming to terms with the fact that your aging loved one is in need of extra care and assistance can be difficult, if you live at a long distance, however, you are faced with unique challenges. While being a long-distance caregiver for an aging adult is not easy, it is by no means impossible. With proper preparation and cooperation from family members, friends and elderly care services in your loved ones area, you can provide compassionate, effective and safe caregiving even when you are not in the area very often.

The first step in making plans to be a long-distance caregiver for an aging loved one is understanding the various responsibilities that you may encounter in the course of this relationship.

Caregiver in Pleasant Hill, CASome of these responsibilities include:

  • Establishing a primary caregiver if your aging loved one is in need of continuous care and assistance
  • Providing emotional and financial support and guidance to this primary caregiver
  • Arranging the for additional assistance to this primary caregiver, such as a cleaning service or grocery delivery service
  • Managing your aging loved ones finances including medical bills, utilities, house payment and personal expenses
  • Overseeing your loved ones ongoing medical care and treatments

Once you have these responsibilities clear in your mind you are ready to take steps to actually fulfilling them. You are here are some suggestions for steps to take to plan for your role as a long-distance caregiver for an aging loved one:

  • Compile a comprehensive record of information regarding your aging loved one. This should include contact information, physicians, contact information for the position, insurance information, bank accounts numbers, account numbers for utilities and other programs, and legal decisions that have been made.
  • Schedule regular meetings with friends and family who are in the area and you can check in on your aging loved one. These meetings can be made over the phone or by video chat on the computer. As long as everyone is involved and can share their thoughts and opinions, these meetings can make a tremendous difference in how well prepared you feel to provide care. Appoint one person be official secretary of these meetings, and ask that notes be taken, typed up and distributed to everyone in the elderly care team.
  • Do extensive research on any medical conditions or illnesses that your aging loved one is managing. Find out everything you can about the prognosis, treatment and progression so you can be prepared to be an active aspect of the treatment plan.
  • Create open lines of communication with your loved one’s care providers. Schedule frequent phone calls or conferences where you can be updated about your loved one’s condition, any changes to treatments or concerns.

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