A Caregiver and a Child—Celebrating Father’s Day with Your Aging Father in Danville, CA

You never get too old to love your father. When you become the family caregiver of your aging father you may find yourself struggling with your identity as both a child and a home care provider. When Father’s Day comes along, however, it is time for you to set aside your responsibilities as a caregiver and return to your role as a child so that your father remembers that he will always be just that.

Caregiver in Danville, CAWhether you grew up calling him “Daddy”, “Papa” or “Dad”, your father played a critical role in shaping you into who you are today. Providing home care for this important man is your way of honoring all that he did for you as you were growing up and ensuring that he has the highest quality of life possible. Unfortunately, all too often your efforts to provide care can come across as stepping in front of your father and forgetting that you are his child. This holiday, make sure he knows how much you love him and that he will always be your Daddy, no matter how much care you need to provide for him.

Some meaningful ways that you can celebrate Father’s Day with your aging father include:

  • Bring your own children over and talk about the generations of the family. Encourage your father to recall memories of his father and grandfather. You may learn more about your family than you ever knew.
  • Put together a scrapbook or album of pictures of you spending time with your father throughout your life. Find images of family vacations, holidays, special events and just quality time. These images can help spur his memory and give him a way to recall these precious times whenever he wants to.
  • Prepare a special meal together. If your father always grilled when you were younger, break out the grill and fire up some delicious burgers, steaks or kabobs.
  • Go fishing together. Even if your father is dealing with mobility issues or cognitive challenges that make it difficult for him to handle this outing in the way that he used to, make modifications so that he can still enjoy his time with you. Think about going to a quiet, man-made pond and fishing from the pier rather than from a boat.
  • Plan the trip of a lifetime. Father’s Day is often overshadowed by other events, particularly Mother’s Day, which makes it the perfect time to go over the top and plan a tremendous surprise for your father. If he is a baseball lover, plan a trip to the Hall of Fame or to see his favorite team play. If he has always wanted to bring you to Disney World, plan a trip for the whole family and let him take a picture of you in your ears. Find a way to create amazing memories and do it all in honor of your Papa.

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