Avoid Senior Care Emergencies with These Family Caregiver Tips

Senior CareIn a recent blog post, our senior care experts shared some tips on how to talk to senior loved ones about home care services, but what if the need for care comes on quickly? Oftentimes, families are tempted to ignore the red flags of care needs, finding it simpler to justify warning signs than to face them head on. These senior care emergencies can cause anxiety for family members and safety hazards for the seniors they love.

While it can be easy to overlook or ignore the warning signs that care is needed, it’s important to address concerns now to help prevent a crisis situation later. Below are some tips to help family caregivers prepare their families now.

Talk about possible senior care scenarios with family members before care is required:

  • What if Dad broke a hip? Where should he go for rehab care? At home or elsewhere?
  • How will you know when it is time to reach out for care?
  • How can we pay for care services?

Collect important information as you go, such as:

  • A HIPAA release of information form at your loved one’s physician’s office so you can openly discuss his or her care.
  • A list of local friends or relatives for care support in an emergency.
  • Go out with senior loved ones to see how they function in the neighborhood and with others.

Emergency travel:

  • If you live at a distance from your loved one and a situation arises, ask yourself if it is necessary for you to make the trip to them. Are there others in your loved one’s area who you can contact to help?
  • Set extra money aside in case the need for emergency travel arises.
  • Make sure to have an extra set of house keys with you as well as at a reliable neighbor’s house.

When the need for senior care arises, we invite you to contact Hillendale Home Care, the leading provider of home health care in Walnut Creek, CA and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of in-home care services to help seniors live safely, happily, and healthily at home. Contact us at 925-933-8181 to learn how we can help you and your family.