Age Related Sleep Disorders

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Age Related Sleep Disorders

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Web Resources:
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Seniors and Sleep: Why Seniors Are Often Sleep Deprived
Article on examines and expands on the myth that seniors need more sleep in their later years than they did earlier in life.

Aging and Sleeping
The National Sleep Foundation provides helpful information about changing sleep patterns people face as they age.

What is Restless Legs Syndrome? explains symptoms, causes and possible treatment options for restless legs syndrome in senior citizens.

The offers some helpful advice for dealing with dementia patients who experience symptoms of “sundowning” a state of confusion at the end of the day and into the night.

Seniors and Wandering provides useful tips and outlines safety risks for handling nighttime wandering in seniors.

Caregiver Insomnia
Article details the causes of insomnia in caregivers and offers suggestions for treatment, courtesy of

Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease
The National Sleep Foundations offers insight on the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on the body’s natural sleep cycle.

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