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Simple Tips to Make Elderly Personal Care in the Bathroom Safer

How could something that’s so comforting and relaxing, like a nice, warm bath, be one of the greatest dangers to seniors? The truth is, combining slick surfaces, slippery shampoo and very warm water creates the perfect storm for a fall danger – one of the most severe risks to older people. January is set aside as [...]
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Senior Care Lafayette CA– Why you should hire a Caregiver for your Parents!

When your parents are getting into their elder years and you are finding it too demanding to care for them, a caregiver is an excellent way to help them feel loved.  Your dear parents deserve to be happy and healthy as long as they can.  If you can, ease some of their concerns by having [...]
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Senior Care in Lafayette, CA: National Aphasia Awareness Month

While providing senior care for an aging loved one, it is possible that he will encounter medical conditions and events that will dramatically change his life. Providing care for this aging loved one means that you must be aware of the potential for these issues, and dedicate yourself to becoming as educated as you can [...]
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