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Living With Multiple Sclerosis – How Seniors with MS Can Stay Comfortable at Home

In the words of Jane Austen, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” And for someone living with multiple sclerosis, comfort is imperative, as is safety. If your loved one has been diagnosed with MS, the first step in caregiving should be to make the necessary modifications so the home is a [...]
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Simple Tips to Make Elderly Personal Care in the Bathroom Safer

How could something that’s so comforting and relaxing, like a nice, warm bath, be one of the greatest dangers to seniors? The truth is, combining slick surfaces, slippery shampoo and very warm water creates the perfect storm for a fall danger – one of the most severe risks to older people. January is set aside as [...]
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Making the Home Safer for Aging in Place

Hillendale Home Care Resources Making the Home Safer for Aging in Place Downloadable Tools and Tips: Click the links to view or right click to print or save to your computer. Home Modifications for Safer Aging in Place Overcoming Physical Difficulties Through Home Alterations Tips to Prevent a Fall Web Resources: Click the links below to access resource Web sites to find out [...]
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