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How to Overcome Common Hurdles to Senior Exercise

Stepping into a routine exercise program is challenging at any age. Exercising is tiring. We don’t want to spend the time. We’re feeling sore from yesterday’s workout. We’ve all made excuses like these for putting off working out; but frailty and advanced age make it even harder to stick to an exercise program. Hillendale Home Care [...]
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Elderly Exercise Routines for Any Activity Level

The advantages of exercise don’t diminish as we age, and it’s extremely important for elderly adults to keep up as active a lifestyle as possible. Even people who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound have a full range of options available to strengthen, improve resistance and flexibility. The initial step is always to check with the doctor to [...]
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Exercise for Seniors

Hillendale Home Care Resources Exercise for Seniors Downloadable Tools and Tips: Click the links to view or right click to print or save to your computer. Stay Healthy, Stay Independent Why Exercise is so Important for Elderly Exercise for Frail Elderly  
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